Micro-Brews and Not Nachos

20 Jan

10 Barrel Nachos!

This will be a fairly short blog tonight. (Just watch, I will ramble…) And unfortunately, no recipe either for home brewing your own micro-brews . But I attempted to organize a little get-together after work today with one of my ex-coworkers at a new brewery that had opened in this small town. I guess he was “missing the love” at his new workplace and wanted to see some familiar faces. So we decided on this new brew pub near downtown.

What really surprised me when we walked in was how completely packed it was. It was almost standing room only but I was able to snag a table as a group was starting to leave. Now I guess that’s not surprising as it is a Friday night, but what did surprise me is that we have probably five or six micro-breweries in the area for a rather small population and to see this new one so bustling and booming did take me aback a bit. I definitely need to get out more often I guess, because our area is still in the middle of an incredibly bad housing and construction crisis.

I asked my husband to meet me there, as he wanted to meet my ex-coworker (who also happened to be my ex-boss). As things turned out, the ex-boss couldn’t make it and I got a call on my cell that everyone else bagged out too. Ah well. So we enjoyed one of their brews before heading out, and freed up the large table I snagged and sat at the bar instead.

My husband commented on how he wish he had continued the idea of starting a brewery about 10 or 15  years ago. He had made several batches of home brew in our garage, a few of which were not that bad! At that time there was only one brewery in town, and he decided there just wasn’t the market to sustain more than one. We’ve come to the conclusion that no matter hard the times are, people will still spend their money on a nice micro-brew.

I took a glance at their menu as I was sipping my pale ale, and spotted an incredibly good looking appetizer I would like to try to make some time. I can’t remember the exact name, but it had something like “not nachos” in the title. The main ingredients listed were home-fried potato chips, piled with steak and Gorgonzola cheese. It made my mouth water just thinking about them.  I found a photo on Flikr to share what they look like. I like that idea to make nachos with potatoes and steak, instead of corn chips and ground beef. I can’t wait to experiment.  Good night all and have a great Friday night!

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