Coke Ribs in a Crock Pot

31 Mar
Coke Ribs in a Crock Pot

Coke Ribs in a Crock Pot

I’ve had many friends boast how good ribs can be made with Dr. Pepper. But the simple fact is I can not stand Dr. Pepper. That and root beer. They tell me you cannot taste the drink after it cooks, but I am not willing to test that theory in my kitchen.  So today when I was going through the freezer to figure out what to make for dinner,  the last of our country style boneless pork ribs spoke to me. “Make me in the crock pot today with that Dr. Pepper recipe.” What??? Of course my mind immediately translated that to “Make me with Coke instead and see how that turns out.” So that is what I concocted today.  I never saved any of my friend’s recipes since I thought I’d never try it, so I cobbled together several variations of the recipe I found online, solely based on what ingredients I had in the house.  The final result was melt-in-your-mouth pieces of meat in a savory barbecue sauce. And no, I could not taste the Coke!

Coke Ribs

2 tablespoons Liquid Smoke
1/4 cup brown sugar
Black pepper, to taste
1 cup of Coke (I drank the rest)
1 cup of barbecue sauce, any kind
2 teaspoons minced garlic
1/2 medium onion, chopped
2 pounds boneless pork ribs

In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients except the pork and onion.  Add the pork to the bowl and toss them to coat. Add the chopped onion to the bottom of the crock pot. Place the pork on top of the onions, then pour the rest of the marinade over it. Cook on high for three hours, then low for another few hours.

P.S. I wanted to show off some of my new dishware, so I took a couple of pieces of meat and put them in a bowl with the sauce. The sauce came out a little too watery for my liking, but we were hungry and just ate it as is. Tomorrow I plan on shredding the pork, then reducing the sauce down on the stove top for pulled pork sammiches. Yumm! I’m also sure this would go great with beef ribs too.

3 Responses to “Coke Ribs in a Crock Pot”

  1. Marilee April 3, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Yummm. I’ve got a passion for the richness of short ribs, cooked slowly. I made this recipe with Black Angus boneless beef ribs and loved the wonderful aromas for hours. I used Coke found in the Mexican food aisle of my grocers’….the better to avoid high fructose corn syrup. Your dishware is beautiful!


    • anotherfoodieblogger April 3, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

      Why thank you Marilee! I didn’t realize Mexican coke did not have the high fructose content like the American coke, so that is good to know. Yumm, the Black Angus beef ribs sound delicious!



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