28 Jun
Fishing Off Dock on Siletz

Fishing Off Dock on Siletz

I’ve been busy this week planning for a week off work and a nice long trip to the Oregon Coast to our RV property on the Siletz River. Between that and work itself I’ve had no time to cook anything new or blog for that matter. However, while we are there we are planning on plank grilling a big chunk of steelhead that one of our avid fisher-friends provided to us this week, so look for that write-up when I return. The picture above is my husband fishing off our dock last year. Our dock is back in the water, but that beautiful ramp down to it has seen better days. That will be one of our big projects we’ll be working on in addition to installing a new hot water heater in our RV. Ohhh, hot showers again out there! Be still my heart.

Wrecked Ramp

Wrecked Ramp

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July and please look out for the fur-kids too and help keep them calm during all the fireworks. See you soon!

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