Rainy Days and Homemade Turkey/Chicken Stock

29 Sep
Homemade Turkey Chicken Stock

Homemade Turkey Chicken Stock

When a huge Pacific Northwest storm waylays your vacation plans, why sit around and stare at the wind and rain? Why not whip up an enormous batch of homemade turkey and chicken stock to fill the freezer for fall and winter soups?

That’s exactly what we did. Almost 12 quarts. We are talking 45 cups of delicious homemade stock made from a turkey carcass I froze a few months ago and a chicken carcass from a recent rotisserie chicken dinner. Add in a bag of baby carrots, almost an entire bunch of celery, one huge sweet onion and other spices, and you’ve filled an entire 15-quart pot to the brim!

Homemade Stock Ready to Freeze

Homemade Stock Ready to Freeze

Rather than repeat the process I used, I will refer you back to my post from over a year ago where I detailed out the steps: How to Make a Tasty Low-Salt Chicken or Turkey Broth. In this referred recipe, I simmered the broth for about 40 minutes, but this time I simmered it for almost three hours. If you have the time, the longer you simmer it the richer your stock will be. When my daughter got home from her dance practice, she said the house smelled like Thanksgiving! So what do you do on rainy days?

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