Greek Chicken Pocket Sandwiches with Tzatziki and Cole Slaw

15 Jul

As promised, I am posting recipes from older recipe posts since I’m taking a hiatus while buying and/or building a house. This one is timely since, like last year, we went to the Bend Summer Festival, ate these type of sandwiches from a food cart in blazing heat, and then I bought the ingredients to make this again for last night’s dinner. We even had the cole slaw, too! This is a wonderful dinner idea for hot weather.


Greek Chicken Pocket Sandwiches with Tzatziki and Cole Slaw Greek Chicken Pocket Sandwiches with Tzatziki and Cole Slaw

Oh my goodness, it’s been a week since my last post but this time you get a FOUR-FER! Yep, four recipes in this post. And, I think I may have found my new favorite sandwich! We had lunch two weekends ago at our annual downtown Summer Fest, where you get to peruse local artist’s crafts and maybe stop for a bite to at at local vendor’s food trucks. It was a really hot day so decided on a Mediterranean Chicken Wrap. It was quite delicious and figured I could make them myself.

And I did! Except I didn’t use regular flatbread, I used flatbread pocket bread, which is like a Pita Pocket except now it’s been renamed to the fancier Flatbread Pocket Bread and made with whole grain wheat, but really, who cares, right? Because it all holds the fillings the…

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