Trudy’s Style Huevos Motuleños

19 Jul

I am reaching way back into my archives to the first month of blogging. But this breakfast/brunch dish is so dang good I just had to share it again with y’all! Enjoy!


I think this dish was my first attempt at recreating a meal I ate often when I was a waitress at Trudy’s Texas Star restaurant while in college in Austin. Yep, THE Trudy’s, the original one off of Guadalupe near campus that has been open since 1977. I had the pleasure of working the night shift on weekends, so got to serve crowds of blathering, tipsy college students with the munchies until four in the morning. Trudy’s serves breakfast all day and night, and this was such a satisfying meal to end my shift with in the wee hours of the morning. I just love the combination of oozing egg yolk with the surprising textures and tastes proffered by this recipe. And it looks pretty too, until you dig into it. It does get quite messy but don’t let that stop you from trying this. Just have a knife, fork…

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