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Huge Jalapeños

17 Sep
Huge Jalapeños

Huge Jalapeños

I’m about to embark on four days of silliness (as well as helping to make money for a charitable foundation that funds nature and wildlife causes) and meeting with some long-time friends as well as making new ones. But before I go, I wanted to share my jalapeño plant that is producing some big-ass peppers! (Oops sorry for the cuss word,). Some of these are over three-inches long! We had to bring the plant in the house the past few nights due to almost freezing temps, and I didn’t want to take the chance. It is “supposedly” supposed to get to almost 80 by Sunday. Are you laughing with me?? Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

I’ll be posting a new recipe the weekend after I get back. Thank you all for following me!

p.s. I reminded my daughter last night why I started this blog. She was wondering if she would know how to cook anything when she went to college. HELLO???? 😀

p.p.s. What are some of YOUR great recipes using jalapeños? I’ll be needing some when I get back.

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