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Summer Weather in Spring and a Funny Pun

25 Apr
Camper Chili

Big Pot O' Camper Chili

I haven’t posted a new recipe in a week, because everything we ate in the past week has included meals I’ve already blogged about or not something worth sharing. We also just had a fabulous stretch of summer-like weather, and we took advantage of it and went to our property on the river for three days. We had not seen one day this year even hit 70 degrees, when overnight it zoomed all the way into the mid-80s for several days! Now we are back to more seasonal weather but I am thankful for the sunny days we did get.

Since I still don’t have anything new for you, I’d thought I’d link back to some of my older recipes for any newcomers to the site that haven’t looked at the archives before.

While camping this past weekend, I made the obligatory pot of camp chili. This time I added a can of hominy to it instead of the garbanzo beans. My husband commented that I made enough for an army, but I can’t help that it makes a lot! It’s great as leftovers and can be easily frozen. Link: Camper Chili.

Here’s a tried and true recipe for stuffed bell peppers that I made earlier in the week with orange peppers this time:  Stuffed Bell Peppers.

I have made this many times since I first wrote about it back in January. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s oh so good.  Chicken Egg Drop Soup

Lastly I’ll share with you a funny picture my husband took while camping. We have an ancient salt shaker that’s been hanging around on the kitchen table in the RV, as well as other assorted sundries that just never seem to get put anywhere. We had finished dinner and were hanging out at the table listening to CDs, when I picked up two of the items and started playing around with them. Then we cracked ourselves up when we realized what a funny visual pun we could make with them. After looking at the picture, I now also realize my wedding ring is in desperate need of cleaning.

A Salt and Battery

A Salt and Battery

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