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Giving Thanks

28 Nov

Mom and Dad in Back BracesForgive my absence these past couple of weeks. My parents are here visiting from Texas, and on November 19 they were in a single-car accident which left them both with fractured vertebrae.

After being released from the hospital, they moved into our home, as they are not able to climb the stairs to their second-floor condo that does not have a public elevator. (ADA, where are you???) Plus neither one can help each other get in and out of bed and with “those other necessities.”

I’m glad to say that they will both recuperate with time, and have been cleared to fly back to their home in Texas next Friday. I have a lot of planning to do to get them home with wheelchair assistance on the flights as well as in-home full-time care when they get back.

They are both in different back braces (mom’s fracture was T-12, dad’s was L-1) and mom is using a cane and dad a walker.)

I am giving thanks that they were not hurt more seriously in the crash, and that we have had the flexibility to alter our work schedules to care for them full-time in this interim.

I am giving thanks that I was also able to host a full-on Thanksgiving dinner for 12 special people in my life without having a complete melt-down and didn’t even forget the dinner rolls or cranberry sauce.

I am giving thanks for readers like you, who will hang with me in the interim. I’m hoping in another week or two to begin sharing more recipes made with love from my household.

I love you Mom and Dad! ❤

Thank you! ~ Kathryn


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