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I’m a Klutz and My Middle Name is Grace

10 Feb


My blog title is entirely true.Who knew I could survive skydiving almost 1000 jumps without killing myself? Nonetheless.

This is my first blog quote challenge and have never done one before, as I am challenged enough just to get at least one original recipe with photos once a week. But I made an exception this time because: 1. I do enjoy the blogs I follow that challenged me and 2. I got laid up last night after injuring my foot in a stupid tripping accident so had time to peruse the interwebz for quotes instead of cooking. I made hubby cook dinner last night while I yelled instructions to him across the room with my foot up on ice. NO, that doesn’t make these challenges any less than what they are, they are a wonderful way of linking up with new people. They are just a way to “share the love” so to speak.

Thank you Jean from White House Red Door and Natascha from Natascha’s Palace for the nominations! Please do check out their recipes if you have the chance.

I’m breaking the chain somewhat as I’m not doing three days in a row and instead posting them all at once, nor nominating anyone else (I’m a rebel that way), but I am linking to these lovely blogs, though. Enjoy! ❤

Quote 1:

cooking quote 1

Quote 2:

cooking quote 2

Quote 3:

cooking quote 3

This last one really hit home with me, because really? I cannot imagine. Onions rule!

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