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Austin Street Tacos is Up and Running!

4 Jun

Me working the cart with my daughter and her boyfriend who stopped by for lunch one day!

Howdy y’all! I thought it was high time to give you an update on my new food cart venture. I officially opened on Saturday, May 24th, just in time for the busy holiday weekend. The cart was open for lunch every day straight through Tuesday, and in between all that managed to have a lovely evening out with my parents visiting from Texas for my daughter’s 18th birthday.

I also managed not to have a complete melt-down when I accidentally dropped an entire 5-tray condiment bar upside down inside the cart, a mere 15 minutes before opening on my very first day.

In case you are wondering about the brace you see on me, after weeks of back pain and x-rays and an MRI, it was discovered I not only had one, but two fractures in my back! All from a sneezing/coughing allergy fit I had one day. Don’t ask me how, but I still managed to get open by the day I wanted to.

Oh, and here’s the almost final logo design and colors. I still have a few tweaks on it. I don’t have a high-rez copy of it either, but you get the gist. I sure stand out in the crowd! T-shirts and caps with the logo are coming soon, too.

Austin Street Tacos logo

Austin Street Tacos logo

I’m closed on Wednesday’s due to a long-standing Farmer’s Market in my location, for which there were no spaces left for me by the time I opened, but it’s a welcome mid-week break.

I also was able to work my first First Friday Art Walk, which is a huge evening event in my town each month and had a wonderfully successful night. I sold out of my bean and cheese tacos that night (perhaps the $2 price tag on those helped?) and went home at 10 pm, exhausted and exhilarated. I keep forgetting to ask someone to snap a photo when the cart gets busy, but it’s kind of hard to remember when you are in the thick of things. Some day I’ll remember!

I still plan on posting new recipes in the future, once I get the hang of the day-to-day running of the cart and prepping the food for it. Some days it’s by the seat of my pants when things go awry!

A huge thanks to all for still hanging with my while I got my new business up and running. You are all still an inspiration to me!

(Here’s a photo of my mom from Texas helping out in the cart one day just before we opened.)

My Texas mom helping out in the cart


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