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Paper Plates and Take-Out

6 Sep
Take Out Food

Chinese, Thai, and Pacific Northwest Food Containers. No, 6.30 on the container is NOT the date, that is what time we wanted our Pad Thai ready to pick up last night.

Yep, that is pretty much where we are at with the moving stage. This weekend is the “big stuff move” while the rest of the week is clearing out the rest of the smaller stuff and figuring out what clothes goes to the condo and what goes with us camping.

Oh! You probably need an update on where we’ll actually be living the next couple of months. We won’t be able to close on the house we want to buy until mid- or end-October. Since we have to be out of this house by Friday, we are temporarily moving to my parents one-bedroom summer condo (which also has a murphy bed in the living room). For now the contents of our house are going into storage.

The only hitch with this plan is that my parents are still here for another two weeks. Since school has already started, we’ll get our daughter and her clothes moved over there, and hubby and I will then take off to spend a week relaxing at our RV river property at the coast. Salmon fishing and crabbing season are in full swing now! We’ll get back the day before my parents fly back to Texas and squeeze the five of us (and our dog) in there for a night, and then spend the rest of the weekend assessing what the heck needs to be done next.

Last, but not least, let me introduce you to another foodie blogger who found me recently. The only reason I bring this up is that we seem to be some kind of “soul-mates.” Why, you ask? Because we have led almost parallel lives! Our similarities are fascinating. We both have roots in Houston, Texas. Both our fathers worked in the oil industry and moved around a lot. We both went to the University of Texas and earned a degree in Journalism from there. We are both 51 years old. We both write foodie blogs. AND… our favorite book as a young child was “Harriet the Spy.” Let me introduce you to Stacy, from Food Lust People Love. As it turns out, we went to grade school together at St. Thomas More in Houston. We moved from Houston to Ohio just before 7th grade, and I lost touch with her after that. How we never bumped into each other on campus boggles my mind, as we both worked at the college newspaper at the same time. I am looking forward to reading her blog for inspiration to start cooking and blogging again after we settle into our new home. Thank you Stacy for finding me again so I could find you! 🙂


The Leftovers Dilemma…

7 Aug
Spinach and Lasagna Roll Ups

Spinach and Lasagna Roll Ups

This is actually a new post! I started this post about a year ago and shelved it. Since I’m on a somewhat “hiatus” from blogging while packing up to move onto a new house, I thought I’d update this one and finally post it. And here it goes, written a year ago:

Start: “So we are having leftovers from the freezer. Hubby says, “Stop cooking so much, we have too many leftovers!” And I replied, “Now how am I supposed to have a foodie blog without cooking?” Well, the problem is, I grew up in a household of eight, and I don’t know any better. I can’t help it! Food, food, food, and then more food.

We have three in the household. I try to cook for four because that’s just how it works out with standard halving of recipes, but I usually end up cooking for six or eight because, well, I can’t help it. Add more of this, add more of that. Ooooh, I have some of this, just throw that in too. Then you just end up with a lot. For the freezer. We just have to remember to get it OUT of the freezer and actually eat it before it’s that unknown ice-crystal-laden frozen glob of something that may or may not be the leftover spinach lasagna rollups, or is that the chicken enchiladas we made with the red sauce instead of the green sauce last time?” End.

Well that is as far as I got with that post. But I can at least present you with a photo above of  what “said glob” looked like before it went into the freezer…

We are having a garage sale this weekend, so things are moving along pretty quickly with getting moved. We have an arrangement with the owner of the house we are buying to move our stuff into his garage beginning Sept. 1, but we won’t be able to close the loan on the house until mid-October (long story on that one) and we have to be out of our rental by Sept. 12. But my parents have a one-bedroom condo here with a Murphy bed too that they stay in during the summer to escape the Texas heat. They leave on Sept. 20. SOOOO, in order not to be too cramped for those 8 days, my husband and I will be taking a week’s vacation to our river property during that time frame. Our daughter will stay at the condo with our parents since she’ll be in school by that time. Busy times ahead, for sure! I hope you all stick around my blog until we get through this!

OH! Here is a link to the spinach lasagna Roll Ups, in case you missed that post in the past: Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

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