Cooking a Ham on the Grill

24 Aug
Barbecued Ham

Barbecued Ham

It’s been challenging to come up with new dinner ideas that can be cooked outdoors on the grill and/or the outdoor grill burner. Earlier this week I decided to “bake” a ham in the BBQ grill. There is really no recipe for this. (I know, I know I haven’t posted a real recipe in a couple of weeks, but I haven’t come up with anything new! Just too hot and too busy.) I simply prepared the smoked ham as I would for the oven, by placing it on a broiling pan, adding about a cup of water to the pan underneath the rack that sits on the pan, and covering it tightly with foil. I have a four-burner grill, so turned the two left ones on and placed the pan on the right side so it would have indirect heat like an oven. I “baked” it about a half-hour per pound, which came to about three hours. The far left one was on high, the one next to it on medium low. I was trying to keep an even temp of around 300 degrees. I boiled some potatoes on the side grill burner, and microwaved a can of rinsed Cannellini beans doctored up with garlic and Southwest Chipotle Mrs. Dash seasoning. We sliced up the rest of the ham after dinner and put it in the freezer for future meals, plus the nice ham bone to make some good bean soup when the weather starts turning chilly. Which may be soon, as we had our first freeze warning last night! Yesterday and today was actually in the mid-70s, so we cooked our dinner inside for the first time last night in several weeks.

We leave on Sunday for a week of fishing and crabbing on our river property, so won’t be posting a new blog most likely until Labor Day or that week. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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